About the Store


Thirty five years ago we began supplying fruits and vegetables from the main market to all supermarkets and restaurants in Limassol. As a third generation of fruits supplying in 2002 we opened the “Top Tomato Fruitmasters” in the center of Limassol.

A unique grocery store that provides to customers the freshest and the best quality of fruits and vegetables from the best local farmer producers.Since then, “Top Tomato Fruitmasters” became the leading sellers on fruits and vegetables ,providing all you need to create all your delicious homemade recipes and meals for all the family.

Throughout the years, “Top Tomato Fruitmasters” has opened and operated a Vitamin-Bar using only the freshest and the best quality of fruits and vegetables, where the customers can enjoy a variety of healthy smoothies and juices.

We are proud to have become a staple in any community we have been a part of. Another service of our store is to provide our customers with free delivery of our products all over the town from door to door.

Why should

choose us?

We have daily fresh vegetables with very good prices and the most important we serve our customers with a big smile! 😀